Monday, October 15, 2012

Still Life

This post is a set of still life images all shot using a combination of 3 lights.

This picture of the NERF equipment was shot using three soft boxes (one left, one right and one over head) to create a light box and provide the most even lighting with minimal shadows. 

These two images were shot using one strobe with a snoot and a red gel pack on the back drop as well as a soft box and a beauty dish to light the knife. I had the particular challenge in this picture of limiting the amount of light from the softbox and beauty dish so that I did not wash out the red backdrop.

These final three images were shot using a Canon Speedlight 430 as well as two alien bee 800 strobes running off of a battery pack. I really enjoyed shooting these picture and the unique challenge cars pose. I wish to revisit shooting cars in the feature when I am more prepared for things. I ran into the problem of having to trigger the alien bees optically as well as the limited or hash light which is put out by a Speedlight in this setting. I also ran into the problem of wind and not having sand bags so I was handicapped in not being able to use the large umbrella in the first two pictures. Hopefully in the future I can revisit this concept with three full size strobe and softboxes/umbrellas with radio slaves!

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