Monday, October 1, 2012

One Is the Loneliest Number...

These two images were shot using a large softbox on the overhead crane, I used the black paper to create a seamless backdrop as well as used some red fabric to ad a splash of color. 

These two were shot with a glass sprite bottle sitting on top of a strobe with a 10 degree grid-spot. The first image is just that, but the second image is actually a composite of the same bottle shot using 4 different sets of gels between the strobe and bottle. On the second image I also used a piece of the black foil with a hole in it to cut down on the "spotlight" effect from the grid spot in the image. 

These two were shot using a small soft box set off to the models right (camera left). The first has some natural light helping to separate the model from the background while in the second picture I completely eliminated the background element helping the model to melt into the darkness.

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